What if?

What if we chased love down forbidden Alleys?
Chased love round parks and jungles
Places were love easily skips away from us
Into cracks, nooks and crannies
Places she loves to play hide and seek with us
What if we chased love till she ran out of breath?
Till her legs could not carry her any longer up
Impossible mountains we dare not climb
Terribly steep cliffs we dare not dive from
Chased her beyond graveyards
And places she decided to haunt
Without giving we notice
What if we chased her?
Until she knew
We and she were meant to be
What if we chased Love Everywhere?
Till she was convinced we were inseparable
Then our hearts and homes would be a place to
House her, wouldn’t that be forever
What if we chased love till?
She gave up her running shoes
And stayed
Right here in our hearts where she belongs
Don’t you just wonder sometimes?
How beautiful a life that would be
The possibilities humongous
Why not take a second with me
Just to ask
What if?

By Umind?!

Peggie Shangwa known as Umind?! is a writer, Senior Editor at Groove Magazine International, a regular in Local Magazine, The Voice, speaker , voice over artist and spoken word artist who thrives on word passion and speaks her mind in connection with her spirit, laying down heart issues on any platform.
Founder of Page Poetry Alive (PPA) a poetry collective that nurtures Page Poets, Spoken word artists, garnished by other art forms, creating a solid platform that will be a launch pad for different careers connecting them with the audience and facilitating the building of a niche market for each. Culminating in inter continental Tours hosted yearly.
She is featured on Badhilisha Poetry exchange program a podcast station in Africa and Indie feed an Online radio podcast station in the U.S.A, been published in a poetry exchange program in Nigeria called Silent Voices and is in South African Anthology Speaking in Tongues.

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