Papers everywhere, files under the bed, coffee stains on important documents and doing the crane pose with the Wi-Fi router so that document finally gets sent. It sounds like a nightmare. Yet, working from home can be an adventure with a Pinterest worthy office, with bottomless good coffee (as much as you are willing to make) and relaxed atmosphere.

Tip 1

Work is work. Treat working from home formally and with uttermost respect. Let the TV keep itself company and you focus on the work at hand. Focus on the tasks at head and think about that paycheck.

Tip 2

Have a designated workspace. Set up your office. This can be a desk and a comfortable chair or it can be a room with all the bells and whistles of everything you need to perform your duties. It has to be perfect for you and with less distraction so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Tip 3

Organization is important therefore do it with your best intentions in mind. Make a system that works best for you and have your important files near so that you don’t have to be checking everywhere for them. This will help improve your efficiency and your mood as well.

Tip 4

Time management is key in working from home. Have a priority list and work through it. Also give a friendly reminder to family and friends that might want to drop in during your work hours that even working from home is important and therefore your time as to be respected.  You also have to take time for tea or lunch and step away from the computer and have your lunch or a walk.

Written by : Andile Moyo

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