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Michelina ‘Mikey’ Chindiya is a budding Fitness and Finance guru. She is a financial adviser who works for one of Africa’s fast growing financial advisory firms , Carrick Wealth, as a wealth specialist. In 2019 she gave a sound analysis of the national budget on BBC’s Focus on Africa. Miss Chindiya is an aspiring athlete who is determined to inspire more women to engage in fitness and exercise.

Below are videos of her suggested workout routine
High Knees

1.High knees are a cardio exercise that work your legs and core.

Do them for 30 – 60s each set x 4 sets resting for 30s between each set

Bicycle Crunches

2.Bicycle Crunches are an effective exercise for strengthening your abs

Do these for 30s x 4 sets
Resting 30s in between


3.Burpees are another cardio vascular exercise

10 reps x 4 sets resting for a minute inbetween

Push Ups

4.Push ups are great for strengthening your upper body,

Do as many as possible until failed for 4 sets

Mountain Climbers

5.Mountain Climbers. These are great for core.
Do 4 sets with 30 – 45s per set

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