Yoga for tight hips

By Kerryn Olivier

Tight hips contribute to a number of issues; lower back pain, sciatica, ITB issues – the list goes on. Sitting, being the main contributor to tight hip flexors followed by running and walking without the correct stretches afterward adding to the problem. Here are some simple stretches you can do in bed before you go to sleep or when you wake up. Alternatively, you can add these to your pre/post run regime.

• Hold each stretch for a good 5 breaths and allow your body to melt into the pose.

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I am an accredited pilates, yoga and barre instructor with extensive knowledge following on from my credentials acquired in India and world renowned pilates training under my belt. I am passionate about my connection with my clients and I take pride in helping them achieve their personal goals. Alongside my fitness career, I am an experienced Makeup Artist and Hairstylist specialized in Weddings and Special Occasions as well as Fashion and Editorial.

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