Your arms are just as important. Work them out too.

By Shirley Spreeth

  1. Chest Press- works out your Pectorial muscle x20
  2. Both arms and reach over head to stretch out spinatus muscle in back x20
  3. Tricep kickback working out your Tricep in your arm. 10 on each arm if doing one arm at a time. 20 in total if doing both arms together
  4. Squat and Press x10
  5. Bicep curl to work out bicep muscle in arm. X20 can do alternating arms or both together
  6. Flys to work out chest – pectoral muscle x20
  7. Rows to work out Rhomboid and Trapezius muscles in back x20
  8. Upright Row for Trapezius x10
  9. Peck deck for pectoral muscle and brings in biceps brachial attaches to shoulder joint (close to your underarm)
  10. Lateral raise for working out all 3 Deltoid muscles in your shoulders Anterior (front) mid and posterior (back)
Arms workout with free weights

Hi I’m Shirley Spreeth

A go getter all about Movement – Love – Growth and Positive Vibes kind of girl…

I have always been a sports enthusiast- the way the body moves/functions externally and internally fascinates me. As we use different muscles for different sports/activities and as I learn best through movement..I eagerly participate in various sports/activities, running, boxing, body building, cycling and horse riding just to name a few. I know each and every person knows their body best and their bodily functions best so when someone doesn’t like a particular activity, I don’t say it’s good for you do it.I ask why don’t you like it and that’s where you find exercise is also mental, work out your mind and your body cooperates. My motto is getting fit is not a duty but a journey. I have been a personal trainer since 2012. I also readily know when to listen to your body when it needs rest and recuperation. So I am also a sports massage therapist to activate healing and recovery in muscles. I have been doing sports massage also from 2012 as I paired the two aspects together right from the start of my training and instructing inspiring fitness in others journey.

Always remember to do your workout for you! Your Mind Your Body Your Journey 


Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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