Your Gluteal muscles are calling out to you!

By Charmaine Beattie

Kneeling side kick

The kneeling side kicks get most of the muscles i.e the glutes, quads and outer thighs in the lower body region working. As you are carrying out the exercise you are also shaping and toning your gluteus muscles while working on your lower back area too.

Leg pull back

Just like the Kneeling side kick, the leg pull back helps strengthen your glutes as well. All your back muscles and abdominal muscles are being put to play in this exercise.


I find full Rocking really tough! But this felt tough enough and great back extension. Felt my tight quads too. This is one exercise that is useful when it comes to making daily activities easier and more bearable. By taking part in this exercise you are working on your spine and torso. These two play a major role in maintaining good posture and a flexible back.

Add some music to the background and have fun!

About Pilates Coach

Charmaine Beattie is a Pilates instructor at Definity Fitness, a bespoke Pilates studio, offering a selection of mat classes daily and regular scheduled reformer and equipment group sessions.

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