Your Love and Butterfly Love

By Draya

Your Love
Your love is full of hope.
Your love is electric.
You turn to smile at me and
it feels also wholesome like your heart.
You have shown me that love has no boundaries.
You broke through all the barriers to show me you care.
The sound of your voice as you talk to me,
is as sweet as a summers day.
Your love is my favourite.
The love you give to me is a beautiful thing,
but being yours is even better.
You exude the kind of energy that ignites me from within.
Your love is the best thing to happen to me.

Butterfly Love
You and I are like butterflies,
full of colour and life.
When I’m beside you I feel capable,
Capable of doing the unimaginable.
Our love grows from a cocoon,
sheltered away from the negativity of the world.
We discover each other.
Your touch makes me feel jittery.
Time passes as we grow fond of each other.
Your interior is so magical, it glows as you smile at me.
As we break out of our cocoon,
I feel a soothing feeling and I know I’m in the right place.
Say it one more time.
Say that you love me.
A beautiful butterfly love.

Andrea Zhou

Andrea Zhou is a 25 year old Investment Analyst. She is a recent co-founder of Kundiso Foundation, which is a mental health foundation aimed at educating the youth about mental health and where to get help. She has had the opportunity to work with the United Nations Environment Programme in various aspects of their functions including, investment opportunities in Sustainable Development Goals. 

She has also spent nearly a year working with a private equity company in Zimbabwe. She has also had exposure in innovative financing in the energy sector, including aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  In her spare time, she writes poems and has a plan to host a poetry slam night in Zimbabwe, where she will invite the upcoming youth in poetry, to participate.

She started writing in high school, in the beginning, she started writing to take her mind away from the bullying she was experiencing. Over time she grew a passion for it. She has written over 100 published and unpublished poems and recently started writing short stories. – some of her poems are on her Instagram page – @PoemsByDraya

She believes that everyone is capable of growing and overcoming their past. This mentality has been applied in all aspects of her life. She would like to be a part of the change, hence her passion for helping her community.

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