Your Stay at Spurwing: Part 2

By Spurwing Island

After a wholesome home cooked meal, it is off to bed, carefully slipping past the timid duiker on the path to the chalet where you are staying. A last look out over the lake as the moon light shimmers on the water, the waves breaking against the retaining wall, sounds just like the ocean, a favourite sound to fall asleep to. Snuggled into your comfy bed, the gentle breeze stroking the curtains keeping the room cool with nature’s air-con.

You switch on your side light and tuck into your nearly finished book but slip quickly into a deep sleep only to be awakened by the menagerie of bird calls in the early hours all excited for the day to start. Your pre-ordered coffee tray has just been delivered to your front porch, and the Babbler birds are quick to share your freshly cooked biscuits. Take a sip of your coffee and enjoy watching the island come alive. Weaver birds are busy back and forth feeding their chicks, the babblers now upset that you have disturbed their morning treat rustle through the leaves in search of insects and bugs, hippos grunt and snort in the bay after a long night in search of grass around the island.

© Grimwood Cooke

At 7:30am the drums ring out through the camp announcing that breakfast is ready! A friendly smile from the staff greets you as you make your way down to the dining room.  A fresh continental breakfast awaits you and your waiter, Rufaro, takes your hot breakfast order of a mushroom and tomato omelette cooked to perfection.

You had booked a fishing trip the night before with Cliffy, and are eager to hit the water. After freshening up and gathering all you need for the trip, you make your way to the boats where Kennedy meets you, he will be your fishing guide for the day. It is not long before you are nestled in a quiet cove and hooks are baited. A gentle tug on the line, surely you think to yourself that you couldn’t be this lucky so soon…and strike!  After a most enjoyable fight, a plump healthy bream is netted. Feeling very proud of yourself, you turn to high five Kennedy and almost as though he has read your mind, he hands you an ice-cold beer to celebrate the catch.

Returning for lunch as the midday heat sets in, a delectable cold meat buffet and hot dish is ready and waiting; look forward to tucking into the infamous Spurwing Island pickled fish. You are visited at lunch by Cliffy once again and asked how you would like to spend your afternoon. Seeing that you are now a professional fisherman, you opt to go on a game drive to mix things up. You are requested to meet at the tea area at 3pm, where you won’t leave before having tea and a scrumptious, freshly baked cake. We don’t want you to go hungry that is for sure!

A short boat trip across to the mainland and you climb up into the covered game viewer. Off along the shoreline you will see passing herds of elephants, impala and pods of hippo all grazing on the green grass at the water’s edge. A scene no photograph could ever do justice. The fresh smell of the lake fills your nostrils, the sun sets slowly in Zambia behind the blue haze hills, and the temperature drops slightly giving need for a light sweater. On the drive home you will hear francolin calling and singing their evening song and perhaps have a chance encounter with a giant eagle owl perched on the road side biding his time, sand grouse fly overhead to their last light drinking spots with that unmistakable call. There is nowhere quite like it.

Rounding the corner to the Spurwing Harbour, the unmistakable smell of a camp fire floods your already over active nostrils. You catch a glimpse of the fire outside the Spurwing Bar, bodies huddled around it watching bush TV. You are met at the bar with yet another pre-empted, cold beer and a plate overflowing with delicious fresh fish stacks from your morning excursion.

Everyone joins you at the fire and it is simply an all-round mesmerizing evening! What an amazing day you have had and what an incredible life we lead, to be privileged enough to visit hidden gems such as Spurwing Island.

Spurwing Island is the perfect family destination and the ideal place to spend a few days away. Contact us on for more information. We look forward to welcoming you!- © Ndeipi Magazine July/Issue 101

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