Your Stay at Spurwing: Part 3

By Spurwing Island

The day ends on your last evening with us. We find ourselves all afloat the boat following an afternoon cruise. We are nestled on the water just off the Spurwing Harbor and have front row seats to a world famous, proudly Zimbabwean sunset. 

The golden lake is cling wrapped in a way where heaven and earth have no divide except for the iconic dead tree’s silhouette that sits on the horizon. We take in the murmur of the Hippos in the distance while Herons, Egrets and Cormorants file past in formation back to their roosting sites and eagerly awaiting chicks. The final cry of the Fish Eagle bids the day farewell.

The first star blinks on the horizon, and the moon, just a Cheshire Cat smile, brightens as the light ebbs its way into vast and darkening sky. Small Midges dance on the mirror-like water as fish break the surface with a rain drop effect. The scene is poetry in motion and a moment in time that we wish we could push a pause button on. 

© Grimwood Cooke

We all sit in the boat in a beautiful silence. The kids are huddled up at the front watching the different shapes that the clouds are forming, while the adults exhale and reflect on another spectacular day in Africa. There are no iPads, no phones, no noise or distractions, simply the sound of the lake and the whisperings of nature.

Every now and again we catch a faint whiff from the Spurwing kitchen as the mouthwatering smell of dinner wafts across the front of the harbour enticing us back in. We have all enjoyed a weekend of pure bliss, relaxation, family time, love and laughter together. We reminisce on the antics that had taken place and how spoilt we are to have such a breathtaking piece of earth right on our very own door step. The children recall the new birds they have learnt and animals they have seen, delighted at their new-found knowledge. Finishing up the final sips of our drinks, we chug back in to harbour, greeted by an always smiling Spurwing coxswain.

Spurwing Island certainly has a special place in our hearts, both to the guests and staff alike, and although leaving is never easy, we know we will be back soon. Back to make more wonderful lifetime memories together.

Spurwing Island is the perfect getaway destination for Families, Friends, Groups, Corporates, Buddymoons, Birthdays, Business Retreats and Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties! We would love to welcome you to the Island soon. Contact us on for more information- © Ndeipi Magazine August/Issue 102

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