Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA)

What is the Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA)?

The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) is helping to lead the new fight forwards for wildlife conservation in Africa. Our role is to drive conservation awareness and provide a conduit for a range of support that can flow to the right areas. We are providing a platform for the voices and efforts of those tirelessly working for wildlife on the ground in Africa. These are the front-line conservation heroes doing amazing work in the field and we both support and salute them.

Why create the ZCA?

Africa’s wildlife is a rich gift to the world! Without this incredible gift Our Earth would be distinctly hollow. Its presence highlights our deep inner connection to all that is pure and timeless. The incredible and diverse intricacies are not something we can recreate. We are finite beings on this planet and what we create is finite too. In Africa we are talking about a priceless treasure, so detailed and so wonderfully mysterious that we can only marvel at its intricacy. Yet our modern lifestyle, has in many ways, sought to eliminate our reason for protecting this link. We have created illusions to draw our pleasures from, yet we find ourselves in a more vulnerable position than we may have ever been before. Our contribution as a species towards conserving nature, particularly in recent times has been mostly destructive. For the most part, we have chosen to take, and not give back. Africa’s wild spaces and the animals that roam them represent some of our last ties to a pure and truly connected existence.

Over the last 50-60 years tourism to Africa’s safari areas has grown exponentially. Visitors have flocked in great numbers to witness the wonders of Africa. Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, Mana Pools, Luangwa and Etosha are just a few great names that resonate among so many. These phenomenal spaces have become synonymous with life changing safari journeys. Each voyage has ignited soul enhancing experiences with Africa’s wildlife. Aside from these intense transformations in people’s lives, Tourism to Africa generates billions of dollars each year and secures millions of livelihoods. Most importantly tourism has largely been the deciding factor in a very fragile balance that has had to contend with growing threats to Africa’s wildlife and the vast areas they inhabit.

Covid-19 has created a tipping point for wildlife conservation in Africa. Dangers have always lurked, but in just a few short months Covid-19 has already begun to tip the scales significantly towards a point of no return. This is the point at which we can easily lose control of the balance and allow the ‘monsters’ to grow unchecked. Poaching, driven by the illicit wildlife trade has been a real threat for a long time. Tourist dollars have been the bulk contributor towards a diverse network of conservation initiatives. These exist across Africa’s wild spaces and they include, but are not limited to anti-poaching units, critical research initiatives, wildlife rehabilitation programmes, education programmes, and extraordinary veterinary efforts. The fight so far has been tough, but things have just become a whole lot more challenging. Annexation of land, long zoned for wildlife, is now a real possibility unless the value of tourism can be replaced.

How do we fight our way forwards? With tourism to Africa likely to be significantly impacted for the foreseeable future, and almost certain to change shape when it returns, we are at turning point in the battle for Africa’s wildlife. Can we really afford to let go and watch it crumble? We must find new ways to fight the way forward; chart a direction through unknown territories and devise creative strategies that have profound and lasting impacts. How can we remind people of this precious resource, ignite a flame in them and ultimately tip the scales back in favour of protecting these treasures for future generations? This is not a single fight, but a series of battles that must be won, in order for there to be significant results.

How does the ZCA operate?

Founded by passionate African wildlife enthusiasts the ZCA is a Not-For-Profit entity. We exist to drive awareness through creative, life-changing movements that connect to conservation. These initiatives directly benefit the front-line conservation heroes in Africa. Their needs are increasingly more real and without our support they risk failing in their quest. Their passion is palpable, and their drive is resilient, but they need cheerleaders, volunteers and resources. The successes and transparency of this initiative will be measured by them. It is time to for us all to light fires for conservation because together #WeShareAfrica  

What movements are initiated by the ZCA?

The inclusive movement for wildlife + habitat conservation in Africa, acting as an umbrella for uniquely engaging initiatives.

A movement to bring Sport and Conservation together through a series of entertaining head to head encounters by known African sports men and women.

A #SportForConservation project bringing African sporting icons together in a series of head to head quiz-style encounters online with a deeper message for Conservation.

How can you help?

Anyone, no matter what their background can help the cause for wildlife conservation in Africa. We would love for you to contact us and tell us how you can help. Below are some of the ways you can do this. You may find that you fall into more than one category and that you can help in multiple ways.

PROPAGATOR: A propagator spreads the word by helping to create awareness for wildlife conservation in Africa. They do this through their own media channels and networks e.g. word-of-mouth, social media, email, WhatsApp etc… Use of the #WeShareAfrica and #SportForConservation hashtags is encouraged in all aspects when sharing relevant media about African conservation and wildlife. Verified propagators will be allowed to use the #WeShareAfrica and #SportForConservation buttons as part of their media collateral. This identifies them as true supporters of conservation in Africa and elevates their status in society.

PATRON: A patron is someone that decides to give some of their personal funds towards the cause for wildlife conservation in Africa. There is no minimum amount to donate. Funds may be donated using our Zambesia Conservation

Alliance payment platforms on our website. Patrons will be given a certificate from the Zambesia Conservation Alliance confirming that they are now a patron for wildlife conservation in Africa. Patrons that donate in excess of US$500 towards the cause will have an additional special gift sent to them thanking them for their contribution.

INFLUENCER: Influencers already have a large following and could for example include celebrities, sports icons and media personalities. They are in a strong position to immediately create significant awareness for wildlife conservation in Africa. They are also poised to significantly attract Propagators and Patrons to join in and support the movement. The Zambesia Conservation Alliance has initiated the movement #SportForConservation which sports icons (especially with links to Africa) can use to elevate their own platforms e.g. The Conservation Games.

CHEERLEADER: Cheerleaders give of their own personal time to help drive the cause. They go one step further than Propagators by volunteering to help the operational wheels of the Zambesia Conservation Alliance turn smoothly. They will be recognised as Ambassadors for the cause and personally acknowledged on the Zambesia Conservation Alliance website and social media channels. They will also receive a certificate confirming them as true conservation supporters. They will have full access to use of Zambesia branding and movement collateral. SPONSOR: Sponsors are deemed to be either an organisation or a significant patron that drives large scale funding and contributions towards the cause. They may choose to get on board with certain movements or products that best suit their profile, or they may wish to remain more in the background. We will work with sponsors to ensure that we can create win-win scenarios with them.

INDUSTRY PARTNERS: Industry partners are predominantly tourism related establishments who partner with and adopt the Zambesia Conservation platform as one of their main tools to drive conservation awareness and funding. Industry partners already have significant reach into tourism marketplaces, have an existing supplier network and have personal interaction with heroes on the conservation front line in Africa. They can harness these audiences to help The Zambesia Conservation Alliance perform its role, which is to source funding and drive it towards deserving frontline efforts that are officially recognised entities. FRONTLINE HEROES: Frontline Heroes are the people and organisations that are directly involved in conservation on the ground. They drive hope and share results and they have been selected and identified to benefit from the funds raised by the Zambesia Conservation Alliance. They will be allowed to display the official Zambesia Conservation Alliance badges in their collateral, thus raising their profile and status as a verified and trusted conservation organization.

How do we collect funds?

Individuals and organizations from anywhere around the world may transfer their donated funds through a protected PAYPAL payment platform online or by bank transfer into the Trust Account. The ZCA has partnered with Savannah Conservation, an officially registered Trust in Zimbabwe, to be able to receive any funding that will then be ear-marked for onward distribution to deserving frontline conservation partners.

How do we distribute funds?

The ZCA works with a number of wildlife trusts and conservation initiatives on the ground in Zambesia and beyond. Each organization we work with is vetted and verified. We are always looking to support new deserving initiatives. If you feel your organisation qualifies, please get in touch.

More Information about ZCA?

The ZCA website: CLICK HERE

ZCA Page on Facebook: CLICK HERE Contact Us:

More about ZCA movements and Initiatives?

The Conservation Games

The Conservation Games are a first of their kind and is bringing some of our favourite African sporting heroes together in a competitive virtual “face-off” encounter online, that is already enthusing, inspiring and educating a diverse audience. A series of battles are taking place as players from different teams are going head to head in a war of knowledge, humour and words.

#WeShareAfrica CLICK HERE #SportForConservation CLICK HERE The Conservation Games CLICK HERE

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