Zambezi river rising

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Remember how concerned certain international TV Stations were about the low level of the Victoria Falls just a couple of months ago? I took the bottom photo in about Nov last year on the Zambian side.

Well, as we all know the Falls are always low at the end of January – they have to wait for the rains to fall over Barotseland in the North western part of Zambia – Vic Falls has to wait a couple of months for this to flow down the course of the Zambezi River (2574km long). Kariba has to wait even longer – so the Falls itself are benefitting from this – any news of water levels on Kariba?

Recent reports and photos floating around social media are starting to highlight just how fast the waters are rising just above the Falls. We need to show the world how good our country will be to visit in the July holidays.

This is a recent picture of the Falls

Looking forward to that first visit to one of those destinations once we are let loose from our homes! Just start thinking about it. Mike G               

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