Zimbabwe Aquatic Union Certified Learn To Swim Teachers Information

In 2017 the governing body of swimming in Zimbabwe, with the help of Debbie Wetzlar, who is now the Head Facilitator of Learn to Swim Zimbabwe, decided to invest into and introduce a Learn to Swim (LTS) program with the goal of raising the standard of swimming teaching in Zimbabwe and getting as many people swimming as possible.  The CANA Mandate being “Every African a Swimmer”. 

Over this three-year period we have trained  new teachers nationally (completing observations hours and final assessment and will qualify) and 54 of these teachers are fully certified ZAU (Zimbabwe Aquatic Union) LTS teachers who hold police clearances and a current water specific First Aid.  Zimbabwe’s LTS program was written by Feroza Mahomed, who was a facilitator for SWIMSA for over 15 years and is of a high standard and following world standards of promoting minimum touch.  We are appealing to parents when choosing a swim school to be pro-active and request qualifications and try to support swim schools that are under the umbrella of our national governing body.  All these teachers are following the Covid-compliance procedures as stated by SRC.

Please find below the Zimbabwe certified LTS teachers:-

Deborah Wetzlar                                                    Lorna Riley                                                              

Valerie Annandale                                                 Sharon Freeman                                                    

Mairead Concalves                                                Lyndi Michael                                            

Arnold Mpofu                                                         Rudo Nyangoni                                                      

Fiona Rosser                                                            Mary Snook                                                

Anne White                                                             Linneth Tatta                                              

Shekinah Shaw                                                       Bianca Riley  (Late)                                    

Shaleigh Winterton                                               Nicolette Kaye

Owen Kondani                                                        Tam Maenzanise                                                   

Brierley Heathcote-Hacker                                  Caitlyn van Maarsveld                                         

Khatija Ismail                                                           Sinead Murray                                                       

Kimberley Smith                                                     Nikki Giles                                                               

Carey Richards                                                        Tessa Nortier                                                          

Kirsten Peters                                                          Georgina Jaffari                                         

Talent Dhera                                                           Siobhan Kesson                                          

Chantel de Swardt                                                 Tammy Ferguson                                                  

Patience Dirorimwe                                              Deidre Botha                                                          

Lisa Denise Jones                                                    Lana J E Pinto                                             

Marleen van Heerden                                           Natalie-Anne Pienaar                                           

Robert Burns                                                           Talitha van der Merwe                                        

Edric Chengetai Godzongere                              Leanne Ottman

Glenn Goosen                                                         Louise Benade

Alanna McCay                                                         Mark Burbidge

Earl Joseph                                                               Sue Johnstone

Yvonne Fynes-Clinton                                           Courtney Annandale

Janine Wyngard                                                     Amy James                                                              

Claire Keyser

For further information of where the teachers are based please contact Debbie Wetzlar

On the following email address: learntoswimzim@gmail.com

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