Zimbabwe National COVID Action Trust – ZINCAT

Who is ZINCAT?

Mission Statement 

~ ‘Smart compassion in action’

What We Do

ZINCAT is smart compassion in action. Our Trust was created to bring together the skills and resources of the private sector to participate in the national response to Covid-19. Our goals are to be a trusted source of information and hope during the pandemic, to help alleviate the burden of diagnosis and treatment on the central government, to assist with the protection and support of healthcare workers and work in partnership with organisations, local and international.

Key Project Areas

Isolation Centers for Front Line Healthcare Workers

Giving Back

We have set-up and operate healthcare worker isolation centres that isolate individuals who have known or suspected exposure to the Covid-19 virus. We have welcomed nurses from public hospitals. We protect them, give them psychosocial support, meals and a safe place (away from the risk of infecting their families, colleagues and the public) as they await testing results.


Healthcare workers put themselves at tremendous risk to protect the rest of us. At ZINCAT we believe the least we can do is look after them when they get sick or are inadvertently exposed to Covid-19 in the course of their duties.


To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community by isolating potential silent carriers & to protect healthcare workers.


Our first centre, Baines Bed and Breakfast, located near the central hospitals has successfully shepherded our healthcare workers through this trying ordeal.

Quarantine Centres

The global pandemic has left many travellers, students and families stranded and separated. As restrictions ease and many Zimbabweans are trying to come home, there will be a need to assist the national response to cope with the burden of mass quarantine.

ZINCAT has partnered with MOH to manage private quarantine centres. Our facilities have onsite medical staff, infectious disease surveillance, post-test counselling and psychosocial support. This operation is supporting local tourism businesses and is operating as a non-profit model for ZINCAT.

We have welcomed international travellers into these facilities. The donations we receive offset our free services for healthcare workers. If you would like to reserve a bed don’t hesitate to book using the following contact details:


If you would like to find out more information on the isolation centre or would like to volunteer please visit the website or contact us using the following contact details.

Testing Data Analysis and Treatment Facilities


The epidemiology of the Covid-19 corona virus in USA, Europe and China has been studied and there are excellent predictive models that have been developed. What is less clear is how that model pans out in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. In our environment of extremely limited resources, predictive models constructed with reliable data based on credible testing data are critical.

ZINCAT has been exploring a partnership with testing facilities, surveillance teams in the WHO and MOH to be part of the teams gathering and making sense of the prevalence and incidence data.

One of the key tools for management and limiting the spread of Covid-19 is the process of testing a population. This is done, inter-alia to establish:

  • The actual number of cases
  • the rate of spread
  • establish hotspots,
  • isolate asymptomatic patients and moderate cases,
  • hospitalise severe patients,
  • provide additional safety to HCW (health care workers).

What We Propose

  1. To provide testing for ZINCAT Healthcare workers in the isolation centres. This gives us a sense of overall exposure and incidence.
  2. Test high risk populations (elderly, those with concomitant illnesses)
  3. Testing in the general population


  1. To test or track testing of 1,000 + people with PCR testing.
  2. To test or track testing of at least 1,000 people with antibody rapid test kits (IgG).
  3. To develop a sense of seroprevalence in Zimbabwe.
  4. To develop a sense of incidence of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe.
  5. To gather data to create models on how infectious disease is in our setting, can we develop predictive models.

Target For Testing:

  1. Health Care Workers
  2. Member of public looking for testing (two options available both PCR and IgG or IgG alone)
  3. High risk populations

Type of Testing Available:

TEST 1– IgG Test – Abbott Test (specificity of 99.5% EU Status)

TEST 2– PCR Test – consider FDA emergency approval and CE certification. Abbott Test (specificity of 99.5%, EU Status)

Preparedness Project 2- Treatment Facility Mission:

ZINCAT is looking to partner with churches, underutilized facilities and abandoned community centres to create sites that can be readily converted into low and medium symptoms centres should the need arise. To set-up and operate a treatment facility for mild to moderate Covid-19 patients should the need arise. ZINCAT’s focus will be on high-density areas as the greatest risk should we get an outbreak over winter.

Island Hospice & Healthcare Training & Psychosocial Support Activities

ZINCAT understands the tremendous strain that this pandemic has placed on families, students, businesses and relationships.

Living through and surviving pandemics can create a sense of anxiety and unsafety. This is a form of trauma to be recognised and dealt with if support is needed.

We have set up psychosocial services for healthcare workers and members of the community who may be in isolation or quarantine and have been referred by ZINCAT.

Vision: To train ZINCAT healthcare workers and staff on Covid-19 best practices in prevention measures and to support for the wellbeing of people while in isolation or working in an isolation centre.

Mission: To provide palliative care training (medical and psychosocial) to the health professionals and staff involved in the ZINCAT project, or individuals and companies seeking information through ZINCAT.

Training to include:

  • Clinical training on Covid-19
  • Improved communication with patients & families
  • Working with those who have a life- threatening Illness
  • Breaking Bad news
  • Bereavement
  • Self Care

Psychosocial support to include: Telephone counselling & support to those in Isolation and Quarantine as well as staff working in these centers.

Location: We have been innovative in using digital technology to reach out to individuals in isolation and in quarantine, creating connections that support and encourage people.

Key ways you can support your Community during this time
  • Make sure you share factual information from trusted sources.
  • Pause and reflect before sharing any COVID-19- related information, especially sensationalised reports.
  • Refrain from judgement as others express emotions or anxieties. Everyone deals with stress and their concerns about COVID-19 in different ways.
  • Check in with others on a regular basis and validate their emotions.
  • Encourage coping mechanisms that are non-harmful
  • Practice self -care and make time to check in with your feelings and anxieties as this is a trying time for everyone.

If you would like more information on this project please contact details ZINCAT.

Island Hospice & Healthcare

6 Natal Road, Belgravia, Harare

+263 242 701 674-7

ZINCAT Trustees Profiles

Jeremy Brooke

Jeremy Brooke is a business turnaround and start-up specialist. Currently, he is the Executive Chairman of Cardinal Corporation, a Zimbabwean property developer and is also the Non-Executive Chairman of Sabre Business World. He has 30 years of senior management experience in tourism, FMCG, food manufacture, distribution, and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industries. Jeremy has worked in 14 countries in Africa, has hands-on experience with ExxonMobil through 6 years of Pan African QSR JV. He had direct Board level exposure to Innscor Africa Limited and Tiger Brands as he served for 7 years as CEO of the listed Innscor/Tiger Brands affiliate, National Foods Ltd. He also has exposure to varied business systems and structures through interaction with numerous global brands over 30 years.

Sharon Hook

Sharon Hook is a Trustee of the Miracle Missions Trust. Since 2010 she headed up the Waste Management side of Miracle Missions in partnership with the City of Harare and EMA where she held monthly networking meetings and assisted in an antilittering illegal dumping campaign under Clean & Green Zimbabwe. She has worked with orphan teens, school children, embassies and, business and community projects, encouraging separation of waste and recycling. Sharon has been a member of Clean Up the World for 9 years and is presently involved in the Nation Clean up under the President of Zimbabwe on the 1st Friday of every month

Dr Nozipo Maraire

Dr Nozipo Maraire is an author, neurosurgeon and entrepreneur. She is a graduate of Harvard, Columbia and Yale School of Medicine. Dr Maraire, a Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons has been in full-time Clinical Practice for over 20 years, has published several scientific papers and chapters was awarded a Clinical Fellowship Award by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and was the first black female certified African neurosurgeon.

She has received several awards and write ups as a leader and mentor. Dr Maraire is the author of Zenzele, A Letter for my Daughter, an acclaimed work of fiction translated into 14 languages, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and a Boston Globe Bestseller. She is a public speaker having spoken at colleges and forums around the world including The Gothenburg Book Festival. In 2016 she was asked to do a TED talk which she entitled “indigenous and indigenius” which has had thousands of favourable views. She has served on many panels and boards including The Rotary Foundation (USA), the Ross Ragland Theater (USA), the South-North Development Institute (USA), The Tererai Trent Foundation, Magamba, Island Hospice and Healthcare among others. Dr Maraire currently serves on the Board of The St Georges Board of Governors, The Rhodes Scholarship Selection committee and The Beit Scholarship Selection Committee. She was one of the original founders of Impact Hub Harare, Seedstars Harare and has global involvement in early startups.

Bongai Zamchiya

Bongai Zamchiya is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in business in Zimbabwe for over 20 years. He is the cofounder of Pariah State, a food and beverage company and is an executive director of the business. Having read law at university, Bongai sits on the boards of listed and non-listed entities in Zimbabwe. He is the Chairman of Old Mutual Insurance Company, Old Mutual Zimbabwe’s short-term insurance company, Chairman of Montclair Hotel and Casino. He also sits on the board of TSL and is a member of the Group Audit, and Group Risk & Compliance Committee of Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited. In the not profit space, Bongai is the Chairman of Good Governance Africa, a trustee of the Conservation Angling and Sustainability Trust, and is a Zimbabwe selector for the Beit Scholarship in Zimbabwe.

Jiten Shah

Jiten Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Graniteside Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. He has extensive professional experience and significant executive leadership and accomplishments in business and philanthropy, skilled with a natural affinity for cultivating business relationships. He applies qualities of integrity and credibility with a passion for progress. He has vast experience in the import and distribution of a wide range of products within local and foreign markets. Jiten has held several leadership positions which include serving as an honorary fraternity member, President of International Club and Butler University Social Chairman. He also served as an Executive Committee member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization); chaired the membership, networking, mentorship and education committees.

Mike Garden

Mike Garden studied Computer Science at the University of Natal graduating BSc (Comp Science) in 1974. Mike Opened Softrite (Pvt) Ltd in 1984 specialising in Payroll Software for customers all around Zimbabwe and later set up the Bambazonke Nhasi mailing list to encourage local Zimbabweans to engage further in local sporting and theatrical activities. This has evolved into a well known form of communication with regular emails being sent out to both motivate the 12,000 strong mailing list as well as inform them of non-political news and events. 10 years ago Mike opened up a third company Bindu Media to create magazines for the local market, which over the last few years has created Nzira Travel Zimbabwe and ZiMunda Farming magazines.

Covid-19 Symptoms and Prevention Measures

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