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It has been proven beyond doubt that, when people help out other less fortunate individuals, they have an increased feeling of self-worth – this is true for everyone but is especially true for those of you going through a bad patch emotionally.  Most of you must, surely, remember the unbelievable support that organisations like Miracle Missions had from all sectors of our communities in the aftermath of last year’s Cyclone Idai in the Eastern highlands area around the Chimanimani

The surfacing and rapid spread of the COVID 19 virus mean that we now faced with the daunting prospect of a whole new, unknown world that we, as a community, are already having to adjust to.

I was recently asked to join a highly organised group of Zimbabwe Citizens who have set up the Zimbabwe National COVID Action Trust (see the brief introduction for Zincat below). We have already started to see leading companies giving donations towards our overall objective. Fellow trustee Dr Nozipo Maraire is shown below at a recent presentation of goods, kindly donated by Macquires, Northern Farming and ZLT,  to one of the Harare hospitals.

If you would like to put your name down as a potential volunteer (or give a donation)  please send an email to Tash at donate@zincat.org or give her a call on 0782-651-408. The Zincat PR Team have also set up a website www.zincat.org with plans to update it regularly with the latest information on what is happening with Covid 19 in our community. Let’s all pray that the pandemic leaves us all relatively unscathed and that we survive this ably together. Mike G.                                                                                                       

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