About Bambazonke Nhasi

Who we are

Bambazonke Nhasi is one of Zimbabwe’s leading online mailing systems, established in 2003 by Mike Garden, the Managing Director. Bambazonke provides its readers with classified advertisements and content that is both thought provoking and relevant to the Zimbabwean lifestyle. The word BAMBAZONKE is derived from the Ndebele Language and when translated means “Grab ALL”. In essence this is Bambazonke’s mission; to become a platform that allows its readers the opportunity to Grab ALL information on news, upcoming sale promotions, events, available job vacancies across all employment sectors, real estate properties, as well as everyday content that aspires to inspire.

Our Market

Bambazonke has a readership of 12 000 people with an age range that begins at 17 years and has no upper age limit. Our target market is carefully curated to the northern suburbs especially to those with a disposable income. These include day to day Zimbabweans that are within the country and overseas, as well as lodges and hotels across Zimbabwe, large and small corporations, a number of embassies, schools, farmers, recruitment agencies, and other individuals who are looking for our services. We provide reliable customer services. Our team response to client queries is done within an hour. Community response to adverts sent out is guaranteed to happen within the first 24 hours up to a week.

Our Service

Bambazonke offers an attractive advertising package. This includes the daily newsletter which consists of classified text adverts categorised into a number of sections such as employment, community and sale. We also have a popular Stand-Alone E Flyer, which is more desirable for companies as this package allows them to display their company logo, text and images all in one. Our Bambazonke team has designed a favourable subscription for all of our advertisers, especially those who regularly advertise with us and those who would like to show their appreciation for all the hard work that goes into the mailing list.

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