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The Weekender

Staying informed on social, cultural and fundraiser events. Find out what's happening this weekend.


Weekend Events

Rugby at St George's college vs St John's

Weekend Events

Music Concert at Tin Roof Bucket and Bar

Weekend Events

Motorcross at Donnybrook

Weekend Events

Pottery Making at The Art Studio

Weekend Events

Musical Concert

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The Meikles Hotel has always been one of those icons that travellers from all over the world have come to know as “The 5 Star Place to Stay” in the capital city of Zimbabwe. This popular destination, situated across the road from Africa Square, has been mentioned in many lauded fictional books as the central …

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One of the great things about Zimbabweans that have spent time in the diaspora is that, when they return to live here, many of them bring back many new creative ideas that they introduce to their communities. It is also a sad fact of life that in larger cities like Harare, shopping centres have started …

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