Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic neurological condition which is classified as the second most common in the world; second only to Alzheimer’s disease. The cause is still unknown, although many neurologists suspect that it could possibly be of genetic origin. There also appears to be a definite link to contact with certain agricultural/industrial chemicals, particularly those used in the dry-cleaning industry.
PD is more prevalent in older men (from about 60 years on-wards) than with women; it can also appear as Young Onset PD in anyone below the age of 50. The correct medication can “manage’ PD, but this needs to be monitored by a neurologist as it will need to be increased (or changed) with time. PD is not fatal, but it is a damn nuisance, and can lead to depression, which needs to be dealt with ASAP.
This is why we have a Support Group here in Harare, which meets every 4th Saturday morning at Dandaro Community Centre in Borrowdale. This serves as a great source of comfort to fellow sufferers: we exchange information, suggestions and ways and means on how to overcome any difficulties. We also have guest speakers, including some of our local doctors and specialists.