ROC Tobacco Curing

Hi All With us at Softrite having so many farmers using our Adaski payroll software, we are constantly being informed of new developments and presentations being made in the Zimbabwean Farming community. A few weeks ago, we were invited out to a farm in Northern Marondera to listen to Rob Stokes talk about the “Chongi” tobacco curing system […]

Arabian Horse Champs

Hi All Early last month I was invited out to the Swales Farm in Darwendale to witness the first public display of the 7 young progeny of their Arabian Horses.  “The Arabian Horse has historic roots in the Arabian Peninsula. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian is one of the most easily […]

Bowls Nationals

HI All My sporting career could best be described as “A Jack of all trades; Master of None!” I’ve tried my luck at all sorts of sports but only ever truly succeeded where skills are not top of the requirements list – Persevering at Comrades was more my style. I do believe, however, that one […]


Did you know that 11th April is “Parkinson’s World Awareness Day”? This day is symbolized by the wearing of a Grey Ribbon and identified by a specially cultivated Tulip. The “Dr. James Parkinson Tulip” was developed by a Dutch horticulturist who had Parkinson’s Disease.  The red and white tulip has been adopted as the world […]

Stay alive – avoid the Fatal Five…

Driving on our roads can be a beautiful and relaxing experience. However, it’s important to remember that it can also be deadly. The “Fatal Five” are the five most common causes of serious crashes on Zimbabwe roads. Being aware of these risks and taking steps to avoid them can help keep you and your loved […]

Be Safe And Sensible On The Roads This Easter….

Year after year, Zimbabwe’s  Easter road-crash statistics leave a lot to be desired. Holidaymakers take advantage of the extra-long weekends, adding to the many cars, trucks and buses going about their usual business, which means that there is an increase in traffic on the country’s national roads. During the most recent December-January festive season, the […]

What Is Your Moral IQ When Driving

Loading… DRIVE ZIMBABWE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it is to have a roadside emergency. Especially this time As the economic cost-of-living crisis looms, it is a time of uncertainty for every aspect of our day-to-day lives. One of the often-overlooked effects of the cost- of -living deepens is the impact on […]

Road indiscipline is growing and becoming too commonplace to ignore

Impatience and indiscipline on our roads are leading to more accidents: ‘People need to start listening,’ experts pleadIt always takes a loss of life for attention to be shifted to the safety of our roads. The focus becomes the life that has been lost, the family that has been bereaved, and the sad realization that […]

Nyanga Cottages

Hi All Thoughts of a trip to Nyanga have always brought back images of cooler weather and of sitting around a blazing fireplace with the sound of pine cones crackling in the background. Those of you that have travelled to our wonderful Eastern Highlands will know, all too well, how many cottages are located up […]

Highlands Library

HI All As an avid reader I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the reading opportunities in our communities. When I was over in Brisbane last year my daughter drove me down to the local library with my 2 little granddaughters. They have a special section at the back of the library where […]

Kill Speed before it kills you…or someone else

The faster one drives, the less time one has to react to potential danger. This also means a longer distance is required before one’s vehicle can come to a complete stop. A vehicle traveling at 80km/h needs 76m of stopping distance. At 100km/h, it needs 112m. The injury a person can sustain in a vehicle […]

Lawn Bowls

HI All Our Garden family has been involved in the gentlemanly sport of (Lawn) Bowls for almost 60 years. My parents both represented Zimbabwe at Bowls and my late brother, Roy, was effectively a world champion when he won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur way back in 1998. Growing up […]

Love on Wheels: Valentine’s Day Car Care and Gift Guide for Your Auto Admirer

Heartfelt Maintenance Show your car some love by scheduling a maintenance check. Check the oil, inspect the tyres, and make sure all the fluids are at their optimal levels. Regular maintenance not only ensures your car’s longevity but also keeps it running smoothly. Fueling the Love: A Valentine’s Day Guide to Pampering Your Car! This […]


Common Roadside Emergencies And How Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance Can Help Services Can Help Roadside emergencies are unpredictable and stressful. You never know when you might encounter a flat tyre, a dead battery, a lockout, or a breakdown on the road. These situations can be dangerous, especially in a remote area, in bad weather, or […]


Adopting a responsible and vigilant approach to driving is crucial for preventing road accidents. By understanding and addressing common causes, adhering to traffic regulations, and prioritising safety, motorists can create safer roads for everyone. Remember, responsible driving is not just a legal obligation but a moral responsibility ensuring all road users’ well-being. Stay safe on […]


HI All Christmas means so many different things to each and every one of us and we all have our own special way of celebrating the occasion. This time around I decided to leave all of the glitz and glamour of the big city and head south to Gonarezhou. There are 2 sets of tented […]

Introduction to Old Legs Tour ANGOLA

Introduction to Old Legs Tour ANGOLA


Car coolant leaks: What are the signs? Find out how to spot a coolant leak – and what you should do to fix it.  Your car’s engine is kept within its operational temperature range with coolant. In winter, your radiator’s coolant stops the engine from freezing up, and in warmer seasons, it prevents it from […]


In light of the magnitude of crime and lawlessness on our roads, we believe it would be important to emphasize the importance of Defensive Driving as well! Reaching the destination safely is the best reward for any motorist!  Let us be kind and courteous to our fellow road users and remember that road safety is […]


HI AllIt’s always about this time of December that the Christmas season kicks in – general attitudes relax and folks start planning theirfestive season. This morning I played golf at Borrowdale Brooke with 3 fun gentlemen. Today’s game was, very aptly, called “TheGreenkeepers Revenge” – undoubtedly the best one of its kind I have ever […]


BE SAFE – NOT SORRY – THIS FESTIVE SEASON Schools across Zimbabwe officially close for 2023 on 1 December and reopen on 09 January 2024. The expected increase in traffic volumes on the country’s major routes means road users will have to ensure they are vigilant and focused on the road. Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance […]


Good day all,  Please see information with regards to Troutbeck 2024 – 17 February.  Entries can be done through Triathlon Zimbabwe but if you have any queries, please contact us.  Events on offer:  750 m, 1500m,  3000 m and 5000 m.  The ever popular 4 x 500 m relay will also be held.  See you all there.  […]


Disclaimer – Below is a follow-up to the recent article Fish Netting in Namibia, to read this article please click here.Please note that whilst Bambazonke aims to be a community-based platform where we discuss ideas and experiences, we remainimpartial to all views shared below.   Ripple Africa, making a difference. I’m delighted to introduce you to […]
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