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Those of you that are involved in paying Salaries will know that the financial landscape, here in Zimbabwe, is in a constant
state of flux. Over the past couple of years an ever increasing number of companies are changing over from just
paying RTGS (ZWL) salaries to paying staff in both US$ and ZWL using all sorts of combinations.

I have, therefore, had to amend our Softrite Payroll software package, Adaski, to cater for many of these different variations.
I have also programmed the software so that the operator can enter the exact monies in each currency along with both
the Interbank and Auction rates so that PAYE and NSSA can be automatically calculated within the program.

A recent Statutory Instrument was brought out making it mandatory for Employers to separate NSSA contributions
into both currencies using a proportion based on either the Basic Salaries or that plus any large Allowances for
certain individuals. Our NSSA P4 returns and remittance advices can be printed in one or two currencies depending
on whether they are for submission to NSSA or for internal verification.

Salaries, Allowances and Deductions each have a US$ flag so that the figures are simply entered in their paying currency.
Then, once all of that has been captured, the operator runs a program that we call the Pay Generation that converts all
monies to US$ for PAYE evaluation. Any resultant PAYE is then split according to the Percentage paid in US$ or ZWL.
The net result is a single pay set of Control totals whereby the accountant or owner can see a summary of the Salaries
for the current month. Payslips are separated into 4 columns with a split between Allowances and Deductions for each
currency. The Pay Generation can be repeated as often as is necessary until one if happy that it is a true reflection on
what is to be paid to all the staff.

I have put together a single screen whereby one can, with a little advice from our staff, see exactly how the PAYE has
been calculated for any given individual – see an example below! – if you think that looks complicated you should see
the programming side of it! We, at Softrite, have been to see Zimra in an effort to have this simplified in the not too
distant future.

Bank Transfers:
Since the demise of Paynet several years ago, we have had to include about 20 different formats for the disc file
that is sent to each bank to effect Bank Transfers for each individual member of staff.

Are you using Adaski?

If you are not then we would welcome a non-binding chat to let you know what we can offer that perhaps you don’t
have with your current software – please contact Steve in Harare – 0785-471-827 –
or Vicky in Bulawayo – 0777-956-257 – or you can email me directly

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Mike Garden
Managing Director Softrite

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