HI All,

It is that time of the year once more when most of us take a break and celebrate the Christmas holidays in our own
special way.

We at Bindu Media are closing today and will be back in the office next Wednesday.

I thought it appropriate to list a few ideas for you to ponder whilst you are relaxing over the holidays.

     1. Bucket List: We have all heard of this term but how many of us actually take time out to update it? Some talk of New 
     Year’s resolutions. To me the best thing to do is to put aside an hour or two one morning sitting outside listening to 
     the melodious choruses of your garden birds. Do nothing for a few minutes then write down 10 or 20 things that you 
     have always wanted to do – add a few new ones. Then sit for another 10 minutes and revisit that list – select the
    top 5 and write them down on a separate piece of paper – then go back inside your home and pin that list of 5 next 
    to your bathroom mirror. Then focus on these every day until they are done.
     2. Your community: It is the eternal wish for most of us to be close to family and or friends at this time of the year - time to catch up over a few meals and or drinks. There are many folks out there, however, who are not going to be so fortunate. 
      I urge you all to find a way to maybe go and see someone completely different who you know is probably sitting 
     all alone on Christmas day – take them a small gift or take a few friends and sing them a couple of Xmas songs. 
     I always find it so rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. 
    3. Tidy your home: When did you last clean out those old cupboards? Nothing quite like removing all the long unused junk so              that it can go to someone or some cause that is maybe desperate for those things.
     4. Read a New Book: I am a firm believer that reading the right kind of book can be food for the soul. We at Bindu Books have a small collection of new books that you might want to check out today – give yourself plenty of reading material for the long weekend ahead. 

On behalf of the Management and Staff at Bindu Media I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our regular
readers a Merry Christmas time and a rewarding New Year. Drive carefully and drink responsibly. Ciao Mike G.

To buy a book, contact sales@bindu.co.zw or 0242 782 720

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