Hi All,

I love dancing and, if I’m accompanied by the right partner, am always the first on the dance floor – I particularly like my own version of Rock & Roll and tend to take up more space on the dance floor than others. Some might call me an exhibitionist but I jive according to the well quoted saying “Dance like no-one is watching”. I mostly came last in dancing competitions because of my non-conformist dancing but, hey, I have so much fun.

When there is good dancing music playing at an event (e.g. a wedding) I often watch as 90% of the guests just sit at their tables and tap their feet:- Dying to dance but too embarrassed to stand up and try with the age old excuse of “I have two left Feet”. I firmly believe that we should reintroduce ballroom dancing into junior schools – long before kids reach the age of being a self-conscious gangly teenager. Imagine your youngster growing up one day and dancing at a top banquet or debutante ball in Europe

One of my favourite singers to dance to has, for many years, been the late Tina Turner. She, sadly, passed away late last week at the age of 83. Her career started way back in 1960 singing in a band with her former husband, Ike Turner – they were probably best known for “Nutbush City Limits” . Her voice was so definitive, and one knew with a couple of words, or the musical introduction, that Tina was about to give you a song to brighten your day – start the ball rolling now with “Simply the Best” – go on shout it out – I dare you!

She was, I believe liked by all, young and old, and many of you will have your favourites like – “What’s Love got to do with it” or “We don’t need another hero”.

Tina was, of course, also very photogenic – well known for her crazy Hairstyles, Mini Skirts and Legs that she, apparently, paid hefty sums to insure. Make sure you find a few moments to watch one or two of her YouTube videos – turn up the sound on your computer and “Dance like no-one is watching”. Heeeeere’s dancing. Mike G.

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