Hi All

The month of August is renowned in this part of the world for windy conditions bringing with it the change in season. The 1st September is, thus, traditionally known as the start of Spring. The sunny weather has folks lapsing out of their slothy winter habits to let others know of their intention to be the fittest in the block well before Christmas.

Triathlon Zimbabwe is arguably one of the best organised sporting fraternities in the country. They hold regular events at the Mount Pleasant Swimming pool with kids and adults of all ages participating. They always start at a reasonable time on a Sunday morning with a fun prize giving along with bacon and egg rolls to satiate the resultant hungry competitors.

The season opens this coming Saturday with multiple duathlon events being held at the Donnybrook Race course. Last year saw a record number of entries and they are hoping to see a whole lot of new faces this time around. The event only starts at 9am so why not take your spouse and kids out their either to compete or to have a breakfast roll whilst you watch and envy the fitness of those racing around the track? Look out for yours truly taking up the rear of the main duathlon – 8km run and 20km ride.

Start planning now! See you there. Mike G.

Follow this link to enter NOW – https://www.zimtri.org/events/2-sept-duathlon-champs-donnybrook/

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