Hi All

We are truly blessed in this country to have so many opportunities to play sports – This week, for me, it’s ranged

from Swimming to Running, Golf and Solo Latin Dancing. My preference on a Saturday morning, however, is to 

spend a few hours out in the bush riding my mountain bike (MTB). Today, Saturday, saw the start of a 2 day MTB 

event handsomely sponsored by Hilton Macklin of Electrosales with numerous prizes being given out to random card 

draws – the best prize on both days was no less than a lawn mower – my 20th(?) prize today was a very useful 5L tin 

of Dulux paint.

Alan Winterton had, as usual, set up 3 different GPS routes for both days starting out first from Chabwino Store 

and then from Chishawasha. Participants could choose to ride 23,34 or 45 km. If you are going to enter these sorts

of events it is best to budget for a basic Garmin GPS to attach to the bike’s handlebars making it easy to follow the

prescribed route. 

There were 80 riders on day 1. It was the first time in several years that I had entered such an event so I chose the

easy 25km route. 

Mountain biking is a relatively easy pastime to take up, giving you a good workout without the same pressure on your 

knees that running gives. We rode through a few puddles out there this morning – these always give you that naughty

spark as muddy water is splashed all over yourself and, more importantly, onto the poor soul riding next to you! Can’t 

wait for the proper rains to start – a very different ball game to today’s clear blue sunny (and very hot) skies.

As usual a very well-organised event with bacon and egg rolls for all the finishers. Good to note that all of the 

entrance money ($10 each) was being donated to SPCA – a very worthy recipient.

Might a mountain bike be something you buy your spouse for Christmas? See you out there soon. Mike G

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