Road indiscipline is growing and becoming too commonplace to ignore

Impatience and indiscipline on our roads are leading to more accidents: ‘People need to start listening,’ experts plead
It always takes a loss of life for attention to be shifted to the safety of our roads. The focus becomes the life that has been lost, the family that has been bereaved, and the sad realization that the accident could have been avoided. What is even sadder is the acceptance of our roads being rendered unsafe due to the way that drivers drive: sometimes it’s the drivers of heavy vehicles who are accused of driving as if “they own the road”, other times the blame falls on young drivers and their speeding; at other times it’s the older drivers “whose slow driving drives other people mad”.

But through consistent awareness from the roadsides and other digital forms like social media and blogs, people learn the consequences if they keep on being stubborn. The news on TV and in the papers keeps reminding and encouraging people to drive safely for their own good. But above all, the number one solution to avoid being caught in accidents and fatalities after that is to practice discipline. With discipline, it will be your second nature to be cautious, law-abiding, and a compassionate driver willing to share concerns by guiding people to drive securely. This is how to promote road safety.

Safe Driving Habits: How to Encourage and Promote Responsible Driving

Driving your car for the first time gives hype and excitement to explore the road. No wonder new drivers often encounter accidents. Even old drivers are not exempted from road accidents that cause major injuries and what’s worst is the number of fatalities incurred. Each year lot of reported incidents of car crashes and deaths continuously increase because of driving recklessness. Awareness of safe driving already spread to every community over the years. Still, countless people are not practicing safety in driving. This is why we will discuss how to promote road safety.

Offer yourself as the assigned driver – one of the many safe driving trips

Driving means you need to be responsible for your safety as well as for your passengers. Drinking alcohol, no matter how much or if it’s just one drink, can change your mood and reaction after some time. When you go into group drinking or with friends and family, someone needs to stay sober when everyone seems engaged in heavy drinking. Be sober and assign yourself as the driver to avoid accidents that might hit all of you big time. You may opt to hire a cab as an alternative. Refuse to stay in any vehicle driven by someone drunk. Intoxication leads to slow reactions and lessens inhibitions that later on cause dumb decisions off the road by drivers. Alcohol turns your vision into a blur and might cause you to lose your state of consciousness. Apart from this, if you ever get caught drunk behind the wheel, road authorities will put you in jail.

Be mindful of the other drivers around you.

You are driving safely and following rules and guidelines to be safe. But how about the others? Even if you practice safe driving if the one who is next to you mistakenly drove off, surely another accident might happen. Others even try to overtake so you must be alert and practice quick response in this situation. It’s best to check your side mirrors before you go and as you go on driving. Keep looking sideways to see who’s behind you or for possible drivers that might flip off your car. Always assume that people around you might do something reckless so be cautious at all times.

Insist on wearing seatbelts for your passengers.

Think about safety at all times. It will save you and your passengers’ lives from danger. However, people are too stubborn to follow and set aside that fact and consider it riskier.
Do not start the car unless everyone has worn their seatbelts. This way, you are incorporating the mindset of using seat belts to be safe. You must be persistent for them to abide by your own car rule of buckling up before you start the drive.

Lower your speed.

Speed limits are carefully estimated by the government to know the safe speed based on some factors within the area where you drive. These factors include the history of accidents in the area, intersections, and road inclinations. Following the speed limit is something to practice as a form of discipline. Do not dwell on something you might regret in the long run like speeding to pass the red light. It might drive you to danger and become the next reported casualty on the road.

Don’t use the phone while driving.

Texting and taking calls while driving has caused more accidents than driving drunk. It might come as a surprise but statistics show that most people own and use cell phones rather than people who engage in drunk driving. When there’s an important call that you need to answer, it’s safer to pull over and park appropriately where it is possible. Keep it in the glove compartment, your bag, or your purse where it should be while driving to avoid distractions. This is considered one of the important ways how to promote road safety.

Maintain your vehicle’s good performance.

Before you go, do you check all the parts of your car that are essential for safe driving? As part of a good habit, you must be responsible enough to ensure that your car or vehicle is good to go. Proper maintenance requires a regular check-up of your vehicle. Consider having it inspected for possible mishaps to prolong its good quality and to be fixed right away. You should always pay attention to your brakes if they are working as this will be your safeguard against sudden misfortunes and off-the-road situations.

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