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Thoughts of a trip to Nyanga have always brought back images of cooler weather and of sitting around a blazing fireplace with the sound of pine cones crackling in the background.

Those of you that have travelled to our wonderful Eastern Highlands will know, all too well, how many cottages are located up there: some are close to Troutbeck; others require some patient driving over rocky roads. Many of these villas were built way back in the 60s or 70s; others have knocked down the original establishments and rebuilt a more modern bungalow with all the modcons now available to these DIY builders.

With these places of abode being far away from the madding crowd it was quite common, in days gone by, for owners to fit them out with their old furniture from their homes in Harare. There are, unfortunately, a few that have left these same fittings and bed linen as is many years after. Most of these cottages are rented out to weekend travellers from Harare so it is important for the owners to regularly replace items that are old and unworthy of being used by these temporary tenants.

I was up in the area a few weeks ago competing in the annual All Africa Triathlon around Troutbeck. As usual, I left it to the last minute to arrange my accommodation, so I was very fortunate for my regular Nyanga agent, Lolo, to find me a perfect cottage just 4 km past Troutbeck.

How does one define the perfect Nyanga Cottage? I guess it all depends on what you, as an individual or family, want to use it for – just a lock up and go or a place to chill out, read a few books and maybe play a few board games with the kids.

This last cottage had splendid views; solar heating; newish, matching cutlery and crockery; comfortable beds, linen and pillows; fridges and freezers; plus a spacious kitchen and lounge.

There are several agents living in that part of the world who can help you find that special cottage that would suit your needs for your next trip to the Eastern Highlands. Ciao Mike G.

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