Hi All

The annual ADMA Exhibition is being held this week at ART farm starting Thursday Morning at 8 am. A couple of us from Bindu Media went along yesterday for media accreditation and to check out the preparations. ADMA was started about 8 years ago giving an opportunity for high-end providers of Agricultural equipment to showcase their wares. 

It is always so refreshing to see how much effort some of the companies have put into their stands – I’ve always felt that the attention given to a show stand, by any of these service providers, is a good indicator of the kind of assistance one will receive when dealing with that supplier long after the show is over.

The organisers have, yet again, given a lot of forethought to this major event and ADMA is a must-see for anyone interested in what is going on in the Zimbabwean farming world. There are 281 stands this year ranging from small 4 * 4 to those that equate to the size of a school hall. Tractors are, of course, one of the most noticeable with Massey Ferguson and Landini the first we noticed. Then there are motorbikes from the likes of SK Motors; the latest Ford Range of vehicles from Croco; and an even more impressive display of solar panels by Solar Energy Projects.  Thursdays are probably the best time to attend for potential buyers with fewer crowds expected; Fridays are best known for invited guests to mingle at well-laid-out hospitality stands. Those that can only pop along on Saturday would be well advised to arrive early. There is plenty of parking – just make sure you have good walking shoes; a hat; a good pair of sunglasses; and enough loose change to buy a cold drink and hamburger from Antonios. I’ll be there sometime on Thursday – see you there. Mike G.

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