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By Mike Garden

HI All,

lWith very overdue, yet welcome, rains now in our midst it is one of those times of the year when one just wants to stay indoors and read a good book – listening to the sounds of thunder packing the night skies all around. So where does one find a couple of those books that are almost impossible to put down? – We at Bindu books are starting to stock more and more locally written literature – some historical fiction; some non-fiction; – others just the ponderings of someone’s imagination!
A few nights ago I started reading Claire Adlam’s “This Might Sting a Bit” – an excellent first novel – the story revolves around a young girl’s life starting from teenage days of growing up on a Zimbabwe farm with a seemingly never ending string of parties involving too much alcohol, dagga and socialising.  The issue of addiction raises its ugly head in many different situations that are all too common in the day to day life of (young?) adults living in this country. Anyone who has lived a good part of their days in Zimbabwe will easily relate to the interactions and humorous dialogue that Claire writes about with a fun, easy to read style of writing – one of those books that you end up reading way past your normal bed time
Recommended Reading
I have always believed in spending 20 or 30 minutes reading a good book to young children just before lights out. If you think along the same lines I recommend that you come in and buy a copy of Estelle Byrne’s new illustrated book on“Baobabs” – one of those books that can be read by young and old alike.
If you prefer to read about the life and times of one of those families that are 4th generation Zimbabwean then you might want to buy a copy of Richard Wood’s “Walk through the Woods”. Richard gives the reader a very open and honest look at how his life developed over the past 7 decades. I learnt a lot from his interpretation of events – you too might want to read what he has to say.
Our offices in 37 Victoria Drive, Newlands are open over the next 2 days so make a point of coming over and stocking up with some good literature for the holidays. Now its back to Claire’s “Can’t put down” book.
On behalf of the Management and staff at Bindu Books and Bambazonke Nhasi I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year – most importantly remember that prosperous does not necessarily mean lots of money – it is more about living a thoroughly rewarding life with a bit of fun and travel. Ciao Mike G.

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