HI All,   Being a busy, but wily, old bachelor it is moi that has to go out and do the weekly shopping. I have a tendency to find a bright and breezy, local supermarket where I can find what I’m looking for without too much effort. I don’t have time to compare prices with every other store in town but do know when the total till tally is about right for my limited budget. I have a craving for fresh, crusty bread rolls and the odd glass of wine, so I prefer those places that have a top bakery section as well as a good selection of wine.

Last Wednesday afternoon, our Bindu Media team were invited to share a coffee in the newly reopened Groombridge Spar. During a 4 week closure they have completely refurbished the whole interior with the overall objective of offering a Spar that is “Bigger, Brighter and Better”. The Bean Tree Coffee / Restaurant section is a whole lot more spacious and allowing one to hold a pleasant conversation whilst enjoying a coffee or a light meal.  

It was such a “Wow” feeling as we walked into a noticeably well-lit supermarket with the right kind of music playing lightly in the background – a complete new look and feel that makes you loath to rush away from. All of the fridges now use the environmentally friendly CO2 Refrigeration and the floors have all been covered with material that makes for easy walking around the aisles. The Gift section has an ample array of enticing items to choose from – ideal for the likes of me who always seems to have forgotten to buy a present for a Sunday lunch and needs a last minute option – lots of fresh flower arrangements too.  

One of the good things about this Spar is that the car park is completely surrounded by strong palisade fencing and guards meaning that there are no beggars pestering you as you alight your vehicle. I was politely informed by the observant, yet very friendly, till operator that Pensioners (over 65) are given a 10% discount on Wednesdays! I recommend that you pop in to the Groombridge Spar one afternoon on the way home from work. Better still, why not take your partner down there for breakfast on Sunday morning. Gone Shopping. Mike G.

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