Hi All,  

To live a full life one should, I believe, incorporate some sort of appreciation for culture – for instance, listening to the classical music of famous composers like Bach, Beethoven or Chopin. With my diary being noticeably short of such outings, I drove across to Arundel School Chapel on Saturday afternoon to listen to the Marden singers perform excerpts from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni Opera”.  

Mar(got) Den(nis) has a passion for music and set up this choir many years ago to live her dream. Now, a very lively 88, Margot is still choreographing and conducting classics with a wonderful group of choristers. Her daughter, Roz Ribeiro, is a very talented Soprano whilst her 15 year old Grandson, Lucas, is someone to watch out for making several entertaining appearances during the afternoon. Those of you that have followed theatre and music over the years will, undoubtably, have admired our leading Tenor, Nigel Hopkins, giving a world class rendition of a popular song. Nigel and Roz once more enthralled us with their melodious voices  

The Marden singers were very fortunate to have been joined by the outstanding Bass singer, Patrick Mukando, who had come down from Zambia especially for the occasion. The choristers were accompanied by 2 Japanese Guys, Kiochiro Hara and Tomo Toyoda, playing the Cello and the Violin.  

The 2 hour musical afternoon was very entertaining and enjoyable with the Opera being split into separate sectors interspersed with songs from famous shows. Patrick’s singing of “If I were a Rich Man” was probably the best I have ever heard – goosebumps sort of stuff. We then heard the choir sing Old Man River and Gift Magaramombe play the Clarinet. Make sure you regularly checkout our Ndeipi Weekender so that you don’t miss the next presentation by the Marden Singers.   La La Laaaa. Mike G.  

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