Vannesa drove the streets of Harare with her pet, Taku sitting on her lap. Although an inexperienced driver, Jaxson ignored his parents’ rules about blasting the radio while he was driving. And Sophia felt comfortable enough with her cell phone to attempt texting as she operated her parent’s car to school and back. Each of these people is engaged in distracted driving. They’re taking a chance, one that could harm them and other drivers and pedestrians. Distracted driving is not just a little dangerous.

It’s deadly.


Any activity that takes your eyes off the road, even for a short time is dangerous. A lot can happen in two seconds. Think about that before reprogramming the radio. The WhatsApp status,  Facebook reels, Instagram reels, etc.            

Some Surprising Ways You Can Drive While Distracted

You might have even unintentionally engaged in some of the following behaviors without realizing the dangers:

  • – Driving while emotional,
  • – Listening to loud music,
  • – Driving with a pet in the car,
  • – Caring for children while driving,
  • – Failing to take enough rest breaks,
  • – Reaching for items in the car while the car is in motion, and
  • – Eating while behind the wheel.

Some people consider hands-free technology as a solution to distracted driving. However, anything that takes your attention away from the road can be dangerous.

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