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There is always something special about donning one’s glad rags and heading out for an evening meal in a fancy restaurant. For those of us that have lived most of our lives here, one of the most sought-after dishes at such an establishment is a premium quality fillet steak served Medium Rare and coated with a tangy Pepper or Bearnaise Sauce.  

The original Wombles was set up in a tiny old cottage somewhere near where Food Lovers Borrowdale is situated. Duncan Barker came to the party and had a top quality restaurant with an English pub built where TinkaBells now is in Ballantyne Shops. This was such a roaring success with all sorts of steak dishes from Steak Rolls in the Pub to gargantuan portions of 500g fillets for young, adventurous men to devour in one sitting. Duncan and his wife, Yvette, then decided to take their ideas to the very lucrative Egoli (Randburg in Johannesburg) where they ran flourishing steak houses for many years. Everyone’s world changed with Covid with the Barkers heading back to re-establish their rebranded Khaya Nyama Wombles Restaurant in the heart of Highlands.  

So, one Wednesday night a few weeks ago, I went along to the Wombles restaurant to introduce my grown-up son to the delights of a 5-star Zimbabwe Cuisine. The Maitre D gave us a very warm welcome seating us comfortably around the large lounge and fireplace along with a refreshingly cold Gin and Tonic. In due time we were given the appropriately laid out food menus whilst being informed of the evening’s specials.  

My appetizer was the French Cuisine of Escargot – being in that very up market, one had to be seen eating snails the correct way – using a small fork to scoop the snail from the shell and then “Sipping” it along with a thin slice of buttered bread. For my main course, I chose Oven Roasted Duck covered in equal splits of Orange and Red Cherry sauce. Adam was served with an excellent, mouth-watering Fillet Mignon along with all the trimmings which this young man had no problem taking care of.  

Wombles have recently made major changes to the interior decor and layout. One notable feature is the very spacious veranda which can now be completely enclosed during the cooler winter months. There was a full house that evening with an estimate of about 120 diners all looking completely relaxed and gastronomically satisfied.  

If you are ever in need of a dining experience whereby you want to seriously impress either a prospective business associate or amour, then Wombles must surely rank way up there in your decision making. Ndaguta Mike G.  

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