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It has long been our “culture” to meet up with a few of our mates at the end of the week to share a few beers or a glass of wine.

The resultant banter, as you gradually relax at these social gatherings, is generally good fun. With time most people learn how to 

self-discipline and knowing when it is time for the ABFL – the last drink before leaving the party. 

One of the sad things about these sorts of happenings is the challenge set up by some in the group who urge you to “Have one

more for the ditch”. Then, before you know it, you are driving home way over the reasonable limit. What are you teaching your offspring by stumbling in the door at all sorts of hours of the night?

I listened to a talk given by Project Kururama a few days ago, where the Chairman, Dave, gave us all some frightening statistics 

on what our teenage kids are up to over the weekend. They have done surveys on how many children are taking drugs and or drinking alcohol from an early age. Are they unknowingly trying to emulate what they have seen their parents do?

In places like Australia and New Zealand most folks that are going to a party make full use of the very reliable Uber. There are a 

few similar setups in Zimbabwe like Vaya that will hopefully develop over time to a stage where everyone makes use of them. In

the meanwhile we can at least have “Designated Drivers” where each person in a crowd takes turns to remain sober enough to

drive their mates home at the end of the evening.

A few enterprising university students in New Zealand have started up a service whereby they drive to your party in a fold up

scooter. They then take you home in your car before unfolding the scooter to make their way to the next person wanting their


I had an email from a regular correspondent on Bambazonke Nhasi last week writing sadly about a few serious car accidents 

that have occurred recently. She wrote:

“Whilst I shared their pain, my concerns arose in the conversations we had afterwards, together with other friends of the victims. 

It seems that driving whilst drunk is commonplace, and any efforts to take away someone’s keys or drive them home are

half-hearted at best. It’s almost seen as uncool. “

I first broached this subject in an email 11 years ago but I believe the conversation needs to be reintroduced from time to time until sensible drinking becomes the norm. Food for thought? Cheers Mike G.

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