Hi All

I went out to Marondera on Saturday to compete in the Ryan Collett Memorial Triathlon at Springvale House 

yesterday morning.

I took the opportunity to camp out in the beautiful Miombo Woodland under the shade of glorious Msasa trees 

in Gosho Park next door to Springvale – what a treat that was – just one other family camping – so peaceful and

stars all around – a sight to behold.

The turnout on Sunday was double that of last year with so many new faces – quite a few local farmers competing

on their Njingas  (farm mountain bikes) – gave me an opportunity to increase my ranking and not come last as I 

normally do.

We swam in Peterhouse Girls Pool, then rode the 20km around the schools then to and from the railway crossing finishing with 

a 5km run around the fields. The tarmac we covered on our ride was probably the best I have ridden on in this country.

These events always make for an excellent family day outing allowing for both parents and all the

children to compete in one or two of the many races – from the short tri-fun to the age group sprint triathlon. 

I recommend that you plan to go out there next year and camp at Gosho Park along with a few family friends – arrive

just after lunch on Saturday allowing you plenty of time to show the kids how to set up a tent. Then wander around the

trees climbing rocks and listening to the birdlife. Then stay over on Sunday after the triathlon and spend a relaxed 

Sunday lunch around a braai – “just chilling”. Return 5 a.m. Monday before the traffic builds up. 

Overall, it was a very well-organised athletic meeting – top marks for Triathlon Zimbabwe. Ciao Mike G.

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