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Being the author and moderator of our Softrite Adaski Payroll software, I have to ensure that the PAYE calculations therein work as intended. This involves the odd trip into town to speak to the relevant technical staff at Zimra. 

Last Thursday I parked at Meikles and walked across the road to one of the Zimra offices in the Old Mutual building alongside Africa Unity Square. Then, after a very successful discussion, I decided to walk around the park to see for myself what sort of condition it was in. 

Most cities around the world have a peaceful park that most visitors converge to: Hyde Park in London; Central Park in New York. All of their local councils have a decent budget that is used wisely for the upkeep thereof. When I was over in Cairns earlier this year I took a few photos of their immaculately laid out park in the centre of town – something that their locals take pride in maintaining. 

Whilst it is true that our Unity Square is looking a whole lot better now than in recent years, I don’t believe it would take a lot of effort to make it even more of a must see destination. One idea is for local businesses to set up a meeting with the City Council asking for approval to each maintain a small section or quadrant of the park. Have a pool company sponsor the resuscitation of the large water hole and fountain; a fencing company could raise sponsorship for partial fencing in their designated zone; individuals could spend an hour every Friday lunchtime picking up litter. One of the big issues is of course the collection of Rubbish behind the flower vendors and I’m told that Meikles help out regularly in that regard.

I urge you all to take a few moments to imagine the possibilities – how can we as a community turn this into something that we go out of our way to take our tourists to. Yours in Sunshine City. Mike G.

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