In light of the magnitude of crime and lawlessness on our roads, we believe it would be important to emphasize the importance of Defensive Driving as well! Reaching the destination safely is the best reward for any motorist!  Let us be kind and courteous to our fellow road users and remember that road safety is a team activity – let us help each other to ease the frustrations of heavy traffic and help and allow everyone to arrive alive at their destinations.  More roads equals less traffic. It seems intuitive that having more roads would loosen up congestion, but that isn’t always true. When more roads are built, people drive more. Population growth could be considered in planning, but the growth in vehicle km travelled consistently out-paces it.

Jingles, lights, shops, pumpkin spice drinks… The holiday season always seems beautiful and peaceful but like almost everything, there is a dark side: craziness, a lot of people shopping for Christmas gifts, and so on. Statistics show a hard truth, the holiday season is risky for drivers. But instead of worrying, let’s focus on facts, prevention tips, and saving time on driving. When we look for car crash statistics, each time we find a recurring fact, there are specific months that continue to have such a large average of car accidents: November and December.

62% of Zimbabweans say they are more fearful of dangerous drivers. unlicensed drivers drunk drivers and hazardous road conditions during the holiday season. Drivers are right to be concerned. The holiday season brings additional road dangers as people increase their alcohol consumption at office parties, Christmas gatherings, and New Year’s celebrations. Find out what our report revealed about holiday season driving and how you can stay safe on the roads.

Holiday Drinking and Impaired Driving Report 2023

The results of our 2023 survey show that 66% of Zimbabweans don’t feel safe on the roads during the holiday season. It further revealed the following about drivers’ drinking and drug habits over the festive season.

OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTIES: Of those who plan to drink at office parties, 11% say they intend to drive themselves home   3% plan to use a designated sober driver, 0% plan to use a rideshare service like Vaya and 2% plan to call a taxi. 

NEW YEAR’S EVE: Of those who plan to drink on New Year’s Eve, 7% say they plan to drive themselves home  3% will rely on a sober friend or family member, 0%  plan to use a rideshare service, and 2% will use a taxi. 

HOLIDAY SEASON DRUG USE: 9% of respondents confessed that they use more marijuana, and 7% take more prescription drugs over the holiday season.  

DRINKING AND DRIVING: 60% of drivers stated that if they limit themselves to just one drink, they are safe to drive. 

The Dangers of Impaired Driving

November through January is one of the deadliest times of the year on the road. Yet, despite Zimbabweans feeling vulnerable to drunk drivers, 25% admit that they too drink more alcohol over the holiday season than any other time of year.

Alcohol isn’t the only substance that impairs driving. Many people are unaware of how medication can affect their driving ability Drive urges drivers to be aware of the side effects of prescription medication. “For those that take any prescription medications, be aware of their effect on you and how they interact. Ask your doctor if your driving ability may be affected.” Even some over-the-counter medications like cold, flu, or allergy medication can cause nausea, drowsiness, and blurred vision. 

Common Drinking and Driving Myths

Many drivers overestimate their ability to drive under the influence while others operate under some false beliefs. Here are three common drinking and driving myths.

Drinking Coffee Will Sober Me Up

Coffee is not a quick fix. Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can counteract the sedative effect of alcohol, but it won’t lower your blood alcohol level or immediately improve the effects of alcohol on your coordination and reaction time.

If I Stop Drinking An Hour Before, It’s Safe to Drive

In general, it takes approximately 1-2 hours for the body to metabolize one standard drink. However, other factors like your weight, number of drinks, how much you’ve eaten, and how tired you are, can also affect how quickly you recover from binge drinking. 

If I’m Not Slurring My Words, I’m OK to Drive

Some drivers mistakenly think that if they don’t show typical signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech or unsteady walking, they are capable of driving safely. The truth is, your driving skills diminish long before you show outward physical signs of intoxication. At a 0.05% blood alcohol concentration level, you are already impaired and should not drive.

Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

There’s no denying that driving over the holiday season is risky. Not only are there more intoxicated drivers on the road, but winter weather brings additional hazards. Here’s how to stay safe on the roads this holiday season.

More roads equals less traffic. It seems intuitive that having more roads would loosen up congestion, but that isn’t always true. When more roads are built, people drive more. Population growth could be considered in planning, but the growth in vehicle km travelled consistently outpaces it.

Changing lanes will get you there faster. Sometimes, when your lane is moving slowly and the next one isn’t, it’s easy to think a quick lane change will fix the momentum of traffic. Inevitably, the new lane slows and our original lane starts moving. Generally, when people stay in their lanes, traffic moves more efficiently. By realizing this fact and settling into one for the long haul, you’ll likely arrive at your destination faster


Traffic jams happen for no reason. When we see red lights up ahead, we expect the worst. An accident, a fallen tree, and a jackknifed big rig all enter our imaginations. But as suddenly as the red lights started, traffic was flowing again with no discernable cause for it in the first place. The truth is many different factors can cause cars to slow, and they don’t have to be accident-related. Curves, steep hills, or a slow driver could cause a significant backup.

Faster driving means a quicker arrival. Common sense seems to dictate going faster is, well, faster. If drivers had an open road with no traffic, this logic would hold up. But when it comes to being in traffic, driving rapidly doesn’t get you there any quicker. At higher speeds, drivers need to allow more distance between vehicles to stop in time if required. Faster-moving traffic also tends to get into jams quicker and out of them slowly.

Avoiding Criminals on the road

  • Remain alert to any areas that might present a threat of criminal activity such as hijackings and smash-and-grabs.
  • Always place your valuables in the boot of your car and never leave items such as cell phones and wallets in open sight, unattended, or on the seat of a car

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