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It’s always about this time of December that the Christmas season kicks in – general attitudes relax and folks start planning their
festive season. This morning I played golf at Borrowdale Brooke with 3 fun gentlemen. Today’s game was, very aptly, called “The
Greenkeepers Revenge” – undoubtedly the best one of its kind I have ever had the privilege to play in.

Organisers, Simon and Beefy, had obviously put lots of thought into the layout with each hole having a different gimmick to play out.
Several Tee boxes were moved forward and holes placed precariously on the edge of greens alongside steep falloffs; some holes
were cut out in the middle of a slope requiring firm and skilful putting to sink the ball. The Tee Box on the 3rd was a toilet seat just
before the river; the one on the 14th meant standing on a very springy mattress; on the 17th you had to drop your ball into a bunker
from knee height and then use a driver to play out of a plugged lie! Other Tee boxes and greens had Grampa’s real woods or Kiddies
mini putters. Some of the holes were at an angle resulting in many a 4 putt for the 2 ball.

Then there was the club tractor and trailer parked in front of the 7th green forcing you to hit a high wedge for your third shot or lose a
shot for both 2 balls. The 12th green was littered with random balls that you would have been penalised for hitting when putting out.

The sun was, of course, beating down on us on yet another very hot, December day – so we felt justified in partaking of a couple of
thirst quenchers as we passed the cleverly placed gin tents. Our worst hole was the 16th where we had to use a 7 iron for every shot
including the putting on a green with yet another hole placed at an angle.

Overall an excellent outing with lots of humour. Well done to the major sponsor, Minerva, and to Simon and Beefy – an event you can
truly be proud to have created.

I hope your plans for Christmas include doing something for your community along with slow, moderate consumption of alcohol.
Fore…. Mike G.

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